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Polybutylene distribution plumbing.

Millions of dollars in class action suits.

Fireplace flue ended in the attic.

All siding and trim is checked for damage

Box is significantly over capacity and uncovered.

Large tree roots will damage the foundation

Support beam was 8' long with no support at this end. The consequence is apparent.

AC performance is evaluated

AC performance is evaluated

Missing thermal expansion valve or tank  as well as pressure release piping.

We meter every accessible outlet

These stairs were attached with two 

corroded nails.

An obvious hazard for any age

Patching on top of patching. A lot of nails

not where they're supposed to be.

Every gas appliance is tested for

Carbon Monoxide.

You have to use "Cabinet screws" to hang 

cabinets. Larger head greater sheer strength

"Double tap" on a breaker. Very dangerous

As a home buyer, it's important to know that in our beautiful state of Georgia, the home inspection industry is completely unregulated. Anybody with a flashlight can, and do, declare themselves to be a home inspector. Flashlight optional. Look at the individuals level of knowledge, relevant experience, and the experience that others have had with them to be sure you'll get a thorough and competent inspection covering all aspects of the property.

Severely corroded chimney cap, needs

maintenance on the crown.

Regrettably this is not an unfamiliar site.

Please use a licensed electrician.

Accessible gas connections are checked 

for leaks.

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